Wednesday, May 15, 2013

London Vacation!

During my vacation I had the opportunity to fly to London. The trip was such a treat for me because I had just done my first out-of-country study abroad there the year before, for the month of January. Plus to add to the excitement I was able to meet up with a couple of my lute friends! One currently attends with me, the other is my close friend from Norway. Being able to see her so soon after her departing the US was absolutely amazing!

Together my friends and I met up in a cafe and caught up with each other, then we ventured though the London Dungeons, followed by a more relaxing ride on the London Eye. Late afternoon called for a trip to the Freud Museum-- in his London house. That was interesting but not quite as exciting as I had hoped.

To finish the evening we had authentic Indian food. The following day we all had lunch together, and my Norwegian friend and I enjoyed the Camden markets. It was a huge relief to see people I previously knew. Thank you for such a wonderful time guys. 

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