Friday, May 10, 2013

I see London, I see France II

So, I haven't written in forever.
Sorry, but I've been busy.. doing stuff..-- since forever.

Ok, so down to business.

A couple weeks ago I started my big break from my courses at St. Paul Valery. It was a huge relief because four hours of French language each day, no matter how much I love the language, can be a bit burdensome.
I was lucky enough to have 2 weeks of vacation, but with a tremendous amount of French holidays and cancelled courses, I was given a 3 week vacation. So what do you do when you have 3 weeks free in France?
Well if you're me, you go to Paris, London, Aigue-Mortes, Pont du Gard, and Cassis. Basically just visiting the heck out of the south of France.

Enough talking, I know you just want pictures.

 This is a photo of my host mom, Garou, and me at the Aqueduct in Montpellier.
                  Our Hotel in Paris, close to the Champs Elysee. It was comfy and reasonably priced.
 This was the delicious Croque Madame I ate when I arrived. I was so happy because I love these things!
 Taking a picture in front of the Arc De Triumph! I really don't remember being infront of a tree though...bizarre.

          I had a beautiful long weekend in Paris. It was always warm and sunny and welcoming.
 I also visited the Gardens of Versailles which were soooo beautiful and vast.
 Here is Marie Antionette's exciting (but not really that exciting).

                                And here is her portrait. Beautiful!
After a nice stay in Paris, I returned to my host family in Montpellier for a little while. I had a few days of rest then it was off to London. WHICH WAS AWESOME.

But I will post about that next :) Soon, soon.

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