Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Children's Hospital

 So, the other day I went to the Institut Saint Pierre, and I think it might be my new favorite place.

The Institute is a hospital for handicapped children or children with disorders/disabilities.

Visiting this hospital was the moment I had been waiting for and I was not at all disappointed. Located on the sea with a entire beach at the backdoor, it is an ideal place for children to heal and thrive. 

There are several hospital wing sections, but there is also a schoolhouse. For some children who are recovering from surgeries, this is their primary school. For others, they visit part time as a supplement to their regular school.

My friend and I were well received by the children and the staff. First we sat in a classroom with 2 middle-school aged children, without really understanding what was going on.
 In the science classroom with about 10 students, we were allowed to introduce ourselves in French and English. A lot of students learn English so the teacher thought it would be a cool exercise trying to communicate with each other using both languages. The kids primarily spoke French with a tiny bit of English, save for one kid who was a English wiz.

The kids asked us various things like, what do we think about guns (Oh boy!), and how much does an American car cost, and how do we live here for a semester without making any money? All good questions. Luckily, my political opinions were all pretty well received by the teachers and students.

After some chatting, it was RECESS time! But it was the best recess ever, because recess is on the BEACH!
Amazing. The kids were so friendly, wanting to take picture directly after the teacher told us not to take pictures with individuals. (These pictures are okay since they show crowds and are hard to identify faces.)

After recess we got to play hangman with the kids. We used English words like "Yellow", "Brad Pitt", "Dolphin" and "Blueberry" (We were reminded not to go crazy with the food selection because some kids are on restricted diets). The kids were so fun to be around! I cannot wait to go back!

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