Friday, January 25, 2013

Some things I like about Montpellier/France, so thus far..

So lately I've been partaking in many "orientation-esque" activities: these aren't bad, but they are not the most interesting to blog about, either. So instead, I will just put some highlights: things I have discovered and like, instead of a long convoluted story about all of the orientations I've visited.

1. The beignet with nutella.
Okay, so this photo looks a bit like a weird hamburger. It's not. 
Essentially what we have here is a nutella sandwhich on a doughnut. I'm pretty sure there's nothing worse for me to have indulged in. Worth it? Totally. But I think I will be avoiding this bad boy for a while.

Something I like about France is that they have some of the most well-regulated food laws here. (In fact, my French Father works for the "FDA" of France, which is pretty cool! He knows there's a lot of corruption in our American FDA, but in France it is bien!) So, while this might be horrible for me, it's still probably better than eating twinkies. (Au revoir forever, twinkies!)

Oh, but don't worry. I ate less than half of this pesto-pasta thing at a cafe before I ate that monstrosity above. Well, this is the largest portion I have seen since I arrived here. It was good since I like pesto, but the

The meat is some sliced smelly-thing. I see the appeal but I really don't like the flavor of this. Somebody please tell me what this meat is called so I can tell the next restaurant that I do not like it.

Otherwise, home-made pesto, yum.

2. This guy.

Cat man. Balances cats on his arms and head. When he raises his hand they raise their furry little paws. Adorable. Go ahead and Youtube "Cat Man". His name is Bela, and he has a cute little video addressing what he does. He is an artist who loves his kitties very much, and they are professionally trained cats who are well taken care of. Don't try to pet his cats though. They will kill you. 
3. The buildings here

I can't say a lot about these buildings history-wise (just yet), but they are so beautiful!

Okay, so obviously there is a lot more to like about France. For example, that you see people carrying baguettes everywhere, and we eat cheese almost every night at dinner. Oh, and the SUN!
Anyway, it just happens that I need to go eat some lunch... dejeuner, alors, je m'excuse, a plus tard!

More to come

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