Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time for an update..

Yes, I believe an update is longgg overdue. So I apologize to all my loyal readers, -ahem-, I mean, Mom.

To explain my disappearance I will put it like this: sometimes, you suddenly get 12 emails from 12 different people wanting 1,000,000,000 different things. Okay I'm exaggerating, ..a little bit.
The short: I discovered that I had an online course with my study abroad program that I was completely ignoring. Oops.

What's new with me lately? Let's see...where to start...

1. Host Family Life
That's been good. The animals remain as cute as ever.

Doggy GAROU is getting along well, and he is being taught to "raise his hand" (because I didn't think about the fact that there's a French word for "paw") by me...ha. He's actually starting to do it!

Maybe if he likes it I will  teach him something else new.

He is well taken care of, gets lots of walks and naps, and can't help but release his tongue when he sleeps. 

He also snores extremely loud!

But that's okay because he's cute and the family baby.

Oh, English Bulldogs.

Candy is getting along really well with me lately!

She used to be so timid but occasionally will climb onto my lap if I'm sitting still for long enough.

Also she loves leather! Ha.

Note: My host "family" family is actually really good, too. They're still just as kind and as entertaining, we have lots in common and always have a good dinner together.

Nearby my host family there is a large beautiful spacious park.

These palm trees are beautiful and kind of deceptive -- they aren't native to this region, so this climate isn't as "tropical" as I had thought. That's okay! I'm comfortable and there's plenty of sun. 

More Palmtrees! And a Bench!

I love this part of the woods/park. It's so secluded and perfect for a little thinking time. 
Ooo Aah. 

These trees are also amazing.
Now for some other photos of the park!

Not to mention a beautiful boarded up Chateau. I would love to buy it one day. Ah, if only I had a few million Euro. (:

That's all for now, I will continue posting some more information later. (: 

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