Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Culture Shock = No Joke

"You're in France! Your dream come true! You should be indefinitely happy!" Is what part of my brain and everyone else thinks. Nope, sorry, not that easy.
There was nothing truly wrong happening, it was just very frustrating not being able to communicate, and being treated by some strangers like a complete idiot because I am not extremely fluent when it comes to rapid, murmur-y southern French.

So I apologize for not posting, but it was because life was like this...
Okay, so this week has been better. And not everything was bad.  Last week I visited a small town where my host father grew up at..

 Below: Beautiful old theater

Beautiful little place, indeed.

After I went on an excursion to Carcassonne: Feel free to google it! Like any castle, there was a lot of power, wars, crusades, and remodeling done over the centuries.
Below: One of my favorite pics walking up to the castle; It's in the distance.

                      Almost to the castle...
  On the way to the castle still...
 Finally at the castle!

Within the castle walls..

Does this woman look familiar?

I think I have a pretty good guess.

These photos were taken in the cathedral attached to the castle.

I find that with every great location like this, there is an absolutely beautiful cathedral attached.

And with any good cathedral, there is always a magnificent lay out, stained glass windows, statues (for example, of the apostles, or these guys..)

                      Below: The Apostles
 I didn't get a lot of pictures with me in them...because it was FREEZING! Still awesome though.
              Above is a photo from inside the castle, to the outside city of Carcassonne. Lots of the buildings in the south of France have this interesting orange-y roofing. I think it's different and beautiful.
Below are some more pictures from inside the castle walls. Beautiful! 

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